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Understanding British Summer Time – making the most of increased summer daylight hours in the northern hemisphere. Have you ever heard of the term ‘SPRING forward, FALL back’? Here’s why…

What is BST? (British Summer Time)
In the UK, civil time is advanced by one hour of the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), meaning that the evenings have one hour more daylight than they did before. BST begins on the last Sunday of March every year and ends on the last Sunday of October.

It has been said that the Summertime Act came into effect following a campaign by builder William Willett, who proposed that the clocks go forward in spring and go back in winter so that people could save energy and spend more time outdoors during the day

Although this change doesn’t affect the length of our days, sunrise and sunset appear an hour later in the summer. Meaning – much lighter evenings to enjoy the natural summer daylight, BBQs with your family and summer parties! What better way to enjoy this than to be able to look through a set of slimline aluminium bi-folding doors to bring the days inside.

At Prime Aluminium, our slimline PR10 aluminium bifold doors allow natural light to flow through into your living space, making it feel bigger, brighter, more open and looking beautiful. Enjoy a family get together and showcase your new bi-folding doors this summer. Working on a project, adding an extension, or just changing your current doors? Why not check out our aluminium roof lanterns and sliding doors too?

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