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4 Pane Aluminium Bi-folding Doors

When selecting an aluminum bifold door, choosing our 4-panel option offers numerous advantages, providing a diverse array of benefits for your home. Beyond their visually appealing design and premium-quality construction, these doors significantly improve the security and efficiency of your property.

The customisation options for these doors are extensive, allowing you to tailor them to your specific preferences in terms of style, size, glass type, finish, and colour, ensuring a personalised touch.

Crafted with premium hardware and distinguished by top-notch engineering, our bifold aluminum doors make a notable enhancement to your home. Each set is meticulously tailored to your residence, ensuring seamless integration of bifolds.

Our 4-panel bifolding doors come with optional integral Venetian blinds, adding a sophisticated touch. Additionally, a variety of optional hardware choices are available, complemented by the standard inclusion of high-quality Ultion 3-star anti-snap locks, ensuring enhanced security for all doors.

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10 Year Guarantee

Peace of mind knowing that all our products are backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Nationwide Delivery

We offer UK wide delivery on all of our products.

Trade Prices

Great value for money, take advantage of our supply only trade prices.

Ultra-slim Sightlines

The inherent strength of aluminum enables the creation of slim frames capable of supporting large glass panes.

Excellent Thermal Efficiency

Featuring U-values as low as 1.1W/m²K, our bi-folding doors effortlessly meet building regulations requirements. Engineered to enhance thermal efficiency, they effectively retain warmth indoors while keeping cold air out.

Quality Aluminium

Manufactured with utmost precision, our aluminum bifold doors are exclusively made from the finest quality aluminum profiles. Renowned for their strength, durability, and versatility, these doors stand as some of the most exceptional options available in the market today.

4 Pane Aluminium Patio Bifold Doors

In comparison to traditional patio doors or standard tw or three panel sliding doors, opting for a four-pane aluminum bifold door provides a significantly broader clear opening when fully folded back. This results in a more expansive usable space and improved access from the garden to the house.

These aluminum bifold doors also boast superior durability compared to certain other two-panel door alternatives available in the market. The use of aluminum offers several benefits, including a sleeker frame and increased glass surface area. This proves particularly advantageous for four-pane doors, enhancing the visual appeal by maximising the garden view and allowing for seamless passage.

4 pane aluminum bifold doors offer numerous advantages, serving as an appealing and cost-effective solution for expanding confined spaces. They are particularly well-suited for replacing older and smaller doors, providing both aesthetic appeal and practicality to enhance your living environment.

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Secure 4 Pane Bi-fold Doors

Experience unmatched security with our bifold doors featuring Ultion 3-star locks and a multi-point locking system. Engineered with cutting-edge security technology, these doors provide unprecedented peace of mind and protection for your home. The Ultion 3-star locks are renowned for their unparalleled strength and resistance to forced entry, offering an additional layer of defense against intruders. Combined with a sturdy multi-point locking system, our bifold doors ensure maximum security, keeping your property and loved ones safe at all times.

Our secure bifold doors equipped with Ultion 3-star locks and a multi-point locking system are crafted to withstand even the most determined intruders. With multiple locking points strategically placed along the frame, these doors offer superior resistance against forced entry attempts. You can rest assured that your home is well-protected with our high-security bifold doors, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind and security you deserve.

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4 Panel Bifold Doors With Traffic Door

A traffic door, incorporated into your bifold door setup, operates much like a standard door. It functions independently, allowing you to open and secure it without impacting the entire door configuration. The main purpose of a traffic door is to provide convenient access between your indoor and outdoor spaces, facilitating ease of movement.

Typically featuring a lever handle and key cylinder, traffic doors come with secure locking mechanisms. There are various design options: the door may be hinged to the door frame, completely separate from the bifold system, or integrated into the bifold arrangement. In the latter case, it could serve as the final door in a system with an odd number of door leaves or be positioned within one of the central leaves in a system with either an even or odd number of leaves.

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Bifold Doors

Ultra-slim 4 Panel Bifold Doors

The ultra-slim design of our four-panel aluminum bifold doors not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also ensures energy efficiency and heightened security for your entryway. With a wide range of customisation options available, including door size, glass type, colours, and finishes, you can personalise these doors to perfectly match your preferences without compromising on durability or strength.

Choosing our ultra-slim 4-panel bifold doors elevates the visual appeal of any home, complemented by the use of premium-grade hardware in production. Whether for modern residences or traditional dwellings, these doors add a touch of sophistication while seamlessly integrating with various architectural styles. With their sleek design and energy-efficient features, our ultra-slim three-panel aluminum bifold doors offer an attractive combination of style and security for your entryway.

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Our online bifold door designer is easy to use and completely free. Simply enter your details using the online tool to get a realistic idea of how your door will look once installed.

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Do 4 panel bifold doors have a traffic door?

Yes, it depends on your bifold door configuration whether you'll have a traffic door. In a 4-panel bifold and for all even-numbered bifold doors where all doors fold the same way, there won't be a traffic door. However, if one door goes left and the rest go right, or vice versa, this configuration allows for a traffic door.

What size are 4 pane bifold doors?

4-panel bifold doors are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2400mm to 4800mm. They offer a versatile solution to accommodate a wide range of openings, making them an ideal choice for various architectural configurations.

How to order 4 panel bi-fold doors?

Ordering 4-panel bifold doors is easy. Simply click "Buy Online" at the top of this page, or you can call our team, and we'll be happy to assist you with your purchase.

What is the cost of a 4 panel bifold door?

Our 4 pane aluminium bifold doors start at just £2460.


Wonderful service from start to finish. I came across Prime Aluminium online, after receiving a few quotes from others I found these to be the best price I could find. Delivered within the time scale promised and really pleased with the quality of the doors. Send them a picture of your door after it’s been fitted and you will be entered in to a draw for a voucher. Fingers crossed. Thank you.

Ms. S. White
April 8, 2022

Very smooth ordering process and found it easy to order to meet our specific needs. Product produced and delivered in the timelines promised and very well packaged and protected. Great bifold door, looks lovely and out fitters we’re impressed. So far – very pleased.

Joanne Bennett
January 28, 2024

Well what can I say…..from the amazing service to the delivery!
Quick turn around and help throughout, amazing instructions and information. Very competitive price and a smiley face on delivery. Quality product quality service will highly recommend to all my family and friends.

David Godbold
September 15, 2023

Fantastic customer service, delivery was on time and helped put the door in the garage. Will post another review once door is fitted. So far, Great Customer service – would highly recommend

Lee Patrick
June 17, 2023

Very happy with our doors, we got a few quotes from some other companies which was in excess of £10,000 for 4 bi-folds – Prime Aluminium saved us over £3000. Anyone thinking about fitting yourself just make sure there is 2 of you as the panels are about 50kg each. Will recommend in the future to anyone looking for new bifold doors.

Peter Wainwright
December 14, 2023