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Bifold Door Prices & Cost Guide for 2024 in the UK

Discovering the cost of bifold doors is an important step if you’re thinking about adding these stylish and practical features to your home. Our guide offers valuable insights to help you understand the expenses involved.

Whether you’re looking for affordable options or premium choices, we’ll walk you through the pricing landscape of bifold doors. Join us as we break down the costs and assist you in finding the right balance between quality and affordability.

What Factors Influence Bifold Door Costs?

When it comes to pricing bifold doors, several factors come into play. In the UK, the cost of bifold doors can vary depending on factors such as size, material, and installation complexity.

Typically, an aluminum bifold door, including installation, falls within the range of £1,200 to £4,000. It’s worth noting that premium materials like hardwood or composite can significantly increase the average prices for bifold doors.

What factors impact bifold door costs?

Various elements contribute to the pricing of bifold doors, influencing the overall cost of this versatile and stylish door option. Material selection is key, with cost discrepancies among materials like aluminum, uPVC, and wood.

The size and dimensions of the bifold doors also play a significant role, as larger or custom sizes may result in additional expenses. The extent of customization, including finishes, colors, and hardware options, can also affect the final price.

Incorporating energy-efficient features, such as double glazing, may incur higher upfront costs but can offer potential long-term savings. The complexity of installation and the choice of professional installers can influence labor costs as well.

Moreover, brand reputation and warranty coverage may contribute to price variations.

Understanding these factors enables homeowners to make informed decisions when selecting bifold doors that suit their preferences and budget.

Do bifold door sizes impact prices?

The installation of larger bifold doors generally requires more materials and labor, leading to a higher overall cost. While replacing bifold doors with identical sizes may result in lower fitting costs, enlarging the door opening can add extra expenses. Larger doors with more panels may require the involvement of 2 or 3 fitters during installation, making larger installations more complex, especially when widening existing openings. This complexity may necessitate additional structural support, further adding to the expenses. For example, installing a 4-panel bifold door will cost more than a 3-panel bifold door due to the additional labor and materials required.

What materials are utilised for bifold doors?

The selection of material for both the bifold door frame and panels plays a significant role in determining the cost. uPVC typically stands as the most economical option, followed by aluminum, timber, and composite materials. When durability is paramount, particularly for external doors, high-end materials like solid hardwood tend to be the priciest, making aluminum and composite doors the preferred choices.

Glass Options

The choice of glass also impacts the pricing of bifold patio doors. Available options include single or double-glazed, tempered, laminated, and low-emissivity glass. Each glazing option carries its own cost considerations and benefits, with factors such as glass thickness and coating options like Low-E coatings influencing the overall cost. Understanding these aspects enables homeowners to make informed decisions based on their priorities and budget constraints when selecting the ideal glass for their bifold patio doors.

Number of Panels

The cost of bifold doors is affected by the number of panels and their configuration. Larger or more intricate configurations often require additional hardware, resulting in higher costs. For instance, opting for a 2-panel bifold door measuring 2.4 meters may be more cost-effective than selecting a 3-panel bifold door of the same size. Exploring various panel configurations and their associated prices using our online door builder tool can assist in finding the optimal option for your requirements.

Cost guide of bifold doors

Aluminium Bifold Door Length Panels Price
1.3m 2 £1,230
1.4m 2 £1,230
1.5m 2 £1,230
1.6m 2 £1,230
1.7m 2 £1,230
1.8m 2 £1,230
1.9m 2 £1,230
2m 2 £1,230
2.1m 2 £1,230
2.2m 2 £1,230
2.3m 2 £1,230
2.4m 2 £1,230
2.5m 3 £1,845
2.6m 2 £1,845
2.7m 3 £1,845
2.8m 3 £1,845
2.9m 3 £1,845
3m 3 £1,845
3.1m 3 £1,845
3.2m 3 £1,845
3.3m 3 £1,845
3.4m 3 £1,845
3.5m 3 £1,845
3.6m 3 £1,845
3.7m 4 £2,460
3.8m 4 £2,460
3.9m 4 £2,460
4m 4 £2,460
4.1m 4 £2,460
4.2m 4 £2,460
4.3m 4 £2,460
4.4m 4 £2,460
4.5m 4 £2,460
4.6m 4 £2,460
4.7m 4 £2,460
4.8m 4 £2,460
4.9m 5 £3,075
5m 5 £3,075
5.1m 5 £3,075
5.2m 5 £3,075
5.3m 5 £3,075
5.4m 5 £3,075
5.5m 5 £3,075
5.6m 5 £3,075
5.7m 5 £3,075
5.8m 5 £3,075
5.9m 5 £3,075
6m 5 £3,075
6.1m 6 £3,690
6.2m 6 £3,690
6.3m 6 £3,690
6.4m 6 £3,690
6.5m 6 £3,690
6.6m 6 £3,690
6.7m 6 £3,690
6.8m 6 £3,690
6.9m 6 £3,690
7m 6 £3,690
7.1m 6 £3,690
7.2m 6 £3,690
7.3m 7 £4,305
7.4m 7 £4,305
7.5m 7 £4,305
7.6m 7 £4,305
7.7m 7 £4,305
7.8m 7 £4,305
7.9m 7 £4,305
8m 7 £4,305


How much are bifold doors?

Aluminum bifold doors typically range in price from £1230 to £4000 and beyond. This pricing is influenced by numerous factors, but the primary determinants of bifold door costs include the number of panels, colour options, and the type of glass used.

Should I have more or less panels on a bifold door?

The number of panels on a bifold door is often determined by the width of the opening, but this isn't always the case. For instance, a 3.2m bifold door can have 3, 4, or 5 panels. When selecting the number of panels, several factors should be considered, such as the space available around the doors when they're open, your preferred opening direction, and whether you require a traffic door. However, opting for fewer panels is more cost-effective.

Can I get finance for bifold doors?

Absolutely! If you require finance for your bifold doors contact us on 0113 403 2609 and a member of our team will be happy to assist. Finance is available at 0%. T&C's Apply.