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How secure are bifold doors?

are bifold doors secure

Bifold doors are increasingly favored by homeowners seeking an alternative to traditional sliding or French doors.

These doors come in various sizes and boast a diverse range of appealing finishes.

Now, the question arises: how secure are bifold doors?

In the past, concerns about their somewhat intricate mechanisms led people to question the security of bifolds. However, significant design enhancements in recent years have endowed these versatile doors with robust safety features, rendering them an ideal choice for both internal and external door applications.

Choosing a secure bifold door

Bifold doors stand out for their robust construction and a range of safety features, positioning them as an excellent option for installation.

While some may express worry about potential break-ins due to the multiple frames and glass panels, bifold doors, when crafted from durable materials, prove to be strong and can significantly enhance your home’s security.

Opting for bifold doors made from tough, sturdy, and durable materials is always a wise decision. These doors typically come with a high-quality lock system, and you can further boost your home’s safety by incorporating additional features like a security screen and a robust handle.

Why install bifold doors and are they secure?

Bifold doors serve as an ideal choice for areas where you desire a nearly seamless transition between different spaces within your home. With a variety of styles and bifold door panel configurations available, they create an open atmosphere, allowing abundant fresh air and natural light to brighten your living spaces.

When fully opened, these doors offer homeowners an expanded living area to access and enjoy – a feature that standard doors, glass sliding doors, or French doors may not always provide.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, bifold doors are known for their durability, ease of maintenance, space-saving design, and the potential to increase the overall value of your home.

Aluminum bifold doors, in particular, boast exceptional security features. Many of them come equipped with a built-in multi-lock system, creating an impenetrable safety barrier for your home.

Types Of Bi-fold Doors & Their Security

Wooden Bifold Doors:

Introducing a wooden door not only infuses a warm, natural ambiance into your home’s aesthetic but also brings durability, strength, and functionality. While wooden doors can be relatively heavy, they offer an affordable option with excellent sound absorption capabilities.

For external doors, consider hardwood options like oak for resilience against diverse weather conditions. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to prevent issues like rotting and warping, which could impact lock effectiveness.

Aluminium Bifold Doors:

Aluminium doors bring a lightweight, durable, and stylish addition to homes with a contemporary design. The strength of aluminium frames allows them to effortlessly support heavy sheets of toughened glass, offering both mobility and safety. These doors are low-maintenance, have an impressive lifespan of up to 45 years, and are recyclable.

UPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) Bifold Doors:

uPVC doors are a flexible and long-lasting option suitable for both traditional and modern homes. More cost-effective than aluminium, uPVC doors often feature thicker frames to hold their tempered glass sheets securely. They provide excellent thermal efficiency, helping to keep your home warm by retaining heat and keeping the cold outside. Additionally, they are simple to maintain.

Composite Bifold Doors:

Composite bifold doors bring the best of both worlds by combining wood and aluminium. This hybrid design enhances your home’s thermal efficiency while providing strength and durability. The weather-resistant aluminium exterior protects against the elements, while the customizable wooden interior allows you to paint or personalize it to match your home’s indoor style.

Bifold Door Security Features

Once you’ve chosen the type of bifold door for your installation, the next crucial step is selecting the security features that align with your needs.

External bifold doors are known for their robust frames, integrated locking systems, and thick safety glass panes, providing a secure barrier that keeps potential intruders at bay.

Some noteworthy built-in safety features include:

Multipoint Locking System:

The multipoint locking system secures the top and bottom of the frame, rendering it nearly impossible for intruders to enter. This system offers up to five times more security compared to standard locks. Additionally, bifold doors incorporate an in-line tracking system that attaches the door to a hardened steel bottom track, making it challenging to lift the door from its frame.


When it comes to bifold doors, the number of locking points directly correlates with the door’s security level. You can choose from various locking systems, including twin-point locks, Euro cylinder locks, drop bolts, and deadbolt locks. Each option enhances security, providing flexibility and added layers of protection.

Toughened Glass:

Bifold doors feature thick, reinforced glass panels that offer an extra layer of strength and safety. This toughened glass, five times stronger than standard glass, not only fortifies the door but also contributes to energy efficiency, reducing energy bills. Consider options such as glazing (double or triple) and laminated glass for added safety and impact resistance.

Choosing the right security features ensures that your bifold doors not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provide a robust defense against potential security threats.

How Can I Make My Bifolds More Secure?

Ensuring the security of your home is a top priority for every homeowner.

Enhance the security of your bifold doors by considering the following features:

Install Anti-Snap Locks:

Opting for an anti-snap locking system is a highly effective choice. These locks break or snap on a specific line, safeguarding the door’s internal locking mechanism from burglars who attempt lock snapping.

Install Anti-Pick Cylinders:

Anti-pick cylinders, commonly found on uPVC doors, add an extra layer of security. Installing these mechanisms on external doors or those accessible from the outside prevents burglars from gaining entry by drilling out the cylinder, as anti-pick cylinders are nearly impossible to pick.

Check for Internal Beading:

Ensure that your bifold door’s beading is located on the inside of the frame. Internally beaded frames hold the glass securely, as the beading cannot be accessed from the outside, making it challenging for anyone to remove the glass from the frame.

Install a Strong Door Handle:

A strong and high-quality door handle is a crucial aspect of increasing the security of your external bifold doors. Weak door handles are often exploited by burglars, so choosing a robust handle is essential.

Choose Laminated Glass:

Opt for laminated glass, which contains a thin film of vinyl wedged between the glass sheets. This type of glass is more resistant to breaking, making your external bifold doors resilient to heavy impacts. Laminated glass is also challenging to cut with a glass cutter, and it prevents the glass sheets from shattering into pieces, minimizing the risk of injury.